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nippon07tourism's Journal

Nippon 2007 Tourists and Travelers
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All Members , Moderated
This community is designed for attendees of Nippon 2007 Worldcon who wish to exchange information and ask questions about pre and post con travel and tourism. That can include anything from travel tips to language tips to itinerary planning to anything else which could possibly apply to tourism in Japan.

1. Be nice.
2. Don't post off-topic. If you start your post with "I know it's offtopic but..." just don't hit submit, mmkay?
3. Please tag your posts for ease of future reference. I won't be maintaining a memories section.
4. This community is not endorsed by WorldCon or nippon2007. Just so's we're all clear on that.

Your friendly community moderator is tisiphone. I hate moderating, so see rule #1 and I won't have to.

See nippon2007 for more general con information.

I'll be adding a links list to the community sidebar. If you've got a good one, toss it my way.